How To’s for common BusinessWorks 6 tasks

A series of How-To’s on BusinesWorks 6 development…..

TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 (BW6) is the leading integration platform of TIBCO that enables you to quickly create integration applications (Mobile, Cloud, Internet of Things or Microservices). Obviously you can create integration services in a variety of ways. Nevertheless doing so in a maintainable way without coding requires maybe a challenge. The TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 platform provides you with the option to quickly create integration applications that are sufficiently flexible to modified later on, even if you didn’t create the application in the first place. The reason for that is, that ‘BW6’ applications are ‘drawn’ (using a graphical user interface) instead of programmed.

Want to try BW6? Download a copy here.

Some people find functionality of the BW development environment somewhat overwhelming. In order to get you going, please find a list below of  How-To’s for common (and sometimes less common) development tasks. Each How-To consists of detailed step-by-step description with screen shots.

BW6: using SOAPUI+HermesJMS to test soap over JMS (with EMS)
BW6: Generate client process (calling process)
BW6: create concrete wsdl
BW6: Create a SOAP service in BW6
BW6: Modify the REST binding
BW6: deploy an application
BW6: Uplad an application (ear)
BW6: how to modify process properties
BW6: Creating path parameters when invoking a RESTFull service
BW6: modify JSON settings
Creation of a REST service in BW6
Invoke REST service in BW6
Adding a binding and a transport to a soap or REST sevice in BW6






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