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  • BusinessWorks container edition provides some advanced options for logging. Want to know how to enable these options? Take a look at this blog.
  • I took a look at options to monitor BusinessWorks Container Edition. I studied the use of OpenTracing and JMX.
  • I have been working on creating custom pallets for TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 over the last couple of weeks. A powerfull feature! Interested? Take a look at the TIBCO Community site for the BW6 Plugin Kit.  Want to try it yourself? Take a look at this detailed description on how to create a Hello World plugin. Do you want to know more? See my blog entry on how to handle input and output in a BW6 plugin or read how to add custom jars. Finaly take a look at this document that contains an overview on how to create a Eclipse plugin installable. 
  • My colleague Kapil Shivarkar created a SonarQube plugin for BusinessWorks 6. If you want to use the BW6 plugin for SonarQube in your CI/CD street, you may want to try to use the Sonar Scanner. This blog entry contains detailed instructions on how to integrate the Sonar Scanner and BW6.
  • Cloud and Microservices make a good couple…. interested in deploying a TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition on Azure? Read this how to…..



I work a lot on clouds in my professional life….. but frankly…. there is nothing like real weather pictures…. some of the pictures I took lately.